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The Bennu Project Corp.’s mission is to provide a positive, safe space for members of the community to learn, heal, and grow through a variety of traditions and techniques both ancient and modern. We strive to guide and assist those ready to repair themselves and position themselves for generational success.

"Failure is not an option.โ€

Join robotics expert George Gorospe for a discussion of how he uses STEM to keep NASAโ€™s robotic explorers & deep space probes healthy when the unexpected happens.๐Ÿค–

This week's #NASASTEM Stars โœจ begins in 1 hour! Watch live:

Kaepernick Publishing was founded to create opportunities for Black and Brown writers, authors, and creators to control their narratives and retain ownership. I am excited to announce the multi-project collaboration between myself, @KaepernickPub & @audible_com

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