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Support us while we save and rehabilitate stigmitized dogs

Anubeion Dog Shelter 

This is a no kill shelter which will act as a last chance or final option for owners who are seeking help with high risk breeds. Dogs are welcome from both private owners and other shelters as well. 

  • Breeds are restricted to German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and Huskies. 
  • Dogs coming in from other facilities and organizations must be neutered, spayed and up to date on all shots. 
  • Long term care is offered to those who need dog sitting services while they relocate (Please contact us for the costs associated with this service). 
  • Dogs spending time with us on a temporary basis do not require spaying/neutering and will be isolated from the other pets if they are not. 
  • Modeled after Teyla and Taz. They’ll need social media pages for marketing. 
  • We won’t be doing on site visitations for owners however this will be a paid option at some point in the future. 
  • Volunteers will be rotated on doing certain jobs in the hope that everyone will get to do the jobs that appeal to them the most. When applying, our volunteers will fill out a form detailing their areas of expertise/interest, which will aid us in this goal. 
  • There will be owner and staff meet and greets, which should help owners feel more relaxed when leaving their dogs in our care. 
  • For a fee, owners can visit their dog, and/or participate in their care. 
  • We will have a detailed list of what of what is in their food and water. 
  • There will be a detailed list of the care and services that we will offer when taking care of the dogs. 
  • There will be on-site medical care available to every dog when in our care. 
  • Each dog will be evaluated for health and nutritional needs. 
  • (We are in the process of looking into getting the dogs chipped, and if we could transfer ownership of the chip after installation) 

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